Monday, October 10, 2011

A BDS-Blown, '57 Chevy Post Lopes To Life!!!

Shoeboxes are always cool, but when you take a post sedan and turn it into a pro-street, things usually get--for lack of a better word--"active" between the local stoplights and intersections, inviting a drag race nearly everywhere it goes, not limiting its "street fighter" attitude to Pomona.

Lenny, who owns this '57 Chevy, two-door post sedan, makes power via a BDS supercharged 427 big block. The pro-street sedan uses BDS' 8-57 unit, sitting on top of the 427 motor tucked under the shoeboxes' channeled body.

Channeled over the frame, the '57 uses a Fat Man custom front suspension, along with a four-link rear and 9-inch third member. The wheels are from Boyd Coddington, though '57 Chev owner Lenny is responsible for all of the car's paint, bodywork and custom fabrication.

This video of Lenny's bitchin' '57 was recorded on May 30th of this year, but Lenny's car is still a recently-finished project.

A manufacturer of 671 and 871 superchargers out of Whittier, California, BDS manufactures these forced induction units specifically for GM's LS engine. What makes BDS' custom intake system significant above all others is that the intake manifold itself can run with either a carburetor or EFI, largely because of the carburetor adaptor that's included with the intake manifold's other necessary hardware. The system also includes a runner-style intake, O-ring and backfire valve. The entire assembly is engineered to work with both factory and aftermarket LS heads, and the blower kits are compatible with both the square and cathedral-type castings on the LS motor.

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